Coventry & District Gundog Society

Membership Secretary

Ade Stride

28 St Marks Road

Burnham on Sea





Rules & Regulations



Due annually on 1st January


These may be paid by standing order or cheque. Membership of the Society runs to the last day of each year.



• £8.00 Single Membership

• £12.00 Joint Membership

• £ 2.00 Juniors (under 16)

• Show only

• Single £4.00

• Joint £6.00


Please ensure your standing order is correct. It should have:

• A payment date of 1st January

• Be payable annually

• The reference box on the standing order form must bear your full membership name i.e. your Christian name and Surname


Please Note:

Annual renewal reminders are not issued.


If renewal subscriptions are not received by 30th April each year, by standing order or cheque, then membership lapses without notice.


1. For members joining during the year: Payments made during the club year shall be valid only for the remaining duration of that membership year, i.e. a payment of £8.00 single membership made in October will be valid only until the end of the year.

2. Renewal payment will be due on 1st January for the next year’s subscription.

3. A member is deemed to have become lapsed if renewal has not been received by 30th of April.  

4. Lapsed members wishing to re-join will have to pay a rejoining fee of £10.00.


You can contact the membership secretary here [email protected]  

You can download a membership application form here 

Please refer ALL membership payments to the Membership Secretary ONLY.